Organizational 360


Client Pain Point: Rapid Growth in Entrepreneurial Journey; Losing Control of Culture

Gain for Client:

~Founder team gained awareness of the behaviors negatively impacting operations

~Taking action on the insights uncovered from the 360 resulting in changes that positively impacted the climate and performance of their organization

Client’s Story

A global startup tech company was expanding rapidly and wanted insights about what they were doing well and what blind spots are barriers in their journey towards making their vision a reality. Scanning the environment for signals allows organizations to be proactive and deliberately build the culture and organization they envision. Some of the critical barriers within the organization that surfaced were:

Vision: While the founder team had a clear vision in their head, others in the organization felt the vision was not as clear and desired more clarity to align their actions and ensure they would be moving in the same directions to achieve the same strategic goals.

People: Everyone felt the company was attracting top talent, but many of the “top talent” felt like they could not operate at their full potential.

Learning: The need for information and quick access to information is critical to the success of a startup, a new venture opening.