Organizational Learning Experience


Client Pain Point: Too many process errors that were impacting profit

Gain for Client:

~New awareness of the misconceptions causing the process errors were uncovered

~Decreased errors after adapting a curious and learning-driven approach to errors

~Increased shared understanding among team members of their work

Client’s Story

This client, an electronics distribution company, was experiencing a spike in mistakes and other issues with their process from sales to distribution. We created a learning experience to surface the assumptions and misconceptions leading to those mistakes. After an outside vendor conducted an analysis of the processes and the suggested changes were still not fixing the problem, the organization considered looking at the problem from a different creative-focused perspective. After surveys, interviews, and planning sessions, it became evident that they had an organizational learning problem. We designed a half-day experience of creative solution finding with leaders from offices across the country based on our gathered data. We quickly surfaced that each person attacked the same problem differently, and they each narrowed in on different information as critical. We ended the workshop by designing learning experiences for their teams back in their home offices to surface those assumptions and misconceptions and the knowledge embedded within each employee based on their unique experiences. We continued supporting the leaders by completing their first learning experience with their teams at their respective home locations.