Systems-Based Executive Coaching


Client Pain Point: Strategically Navigating the Uncertainty of COVID

Gain for Client:

~Improved relationships on the team

~Increased the effectiveness of interactions on the team that supported learning and adapting quickly during COVID

Client’s Story

A newly promoted senior leader at a major healthcare organization was provided executive coaching to transition to the new role. As a leader who has grown and developed within the organization, we began the engagement by exploring her existing leadership relationships and her assessment of the current environment across the departments they would be leading. In uncovering her assumptions and perceptions about the various leaders and departments, the leader understood how their varying levels of trust were impacting her behaviors across the different departments. The differences in behaviors and perceived intentions prevented her from creating the consistency needed for a secure environment. The small changes in the leader’s behavior had a ripple effect on making the secure environment required for all their departments to learn, perform, and thrive.