Team Leader 360


Client Pain Point: Toxic Leader

Gain for Client:

~Targeted plan for interpersonal and emotional skill development that increase leader effectiveness

~Reduction in employee absence and turnover rates on his team


A Fortune 10 company requested a team 360 to help understand the strengths and growth areas for the team leader and team.  The goal of the 360 was to create a developmental plan for the Senior Director and his team. The Senior Director was struggling to lead the team effectively, despite being a team of high performers. Currently, his leadership behaviors negatively impacted employee engagement and productivity, with several employees requesting a transfer out of the division.

Despite these challenges, he was considered highly talented and valuable to the company and worth the investment. While his team believed he was competent in his technical skills and available to help when needed, they did not view him as a leader. They felt a lack of belonging, and the team climate was not safe to take risks such as sharing new ideas that might challenge the leader’s perspective.

We used LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a tool to capture the division-wide impact of the struggling leader. In analyzing the narratives and Lego builds, we uncovered the themes that emerged across many interviews. For example, one employee used their Legos to add a long red tube and shared, “I felt like I had to be careful around this guy by bending and ducking his questions, so he did not put negativity between my boss and me.” After giving voice to all team members and analyzing the data, we developed potential steps to shift the team from surviving to thriving.