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Why assessments that bring new team awareness?

“Behavior is the end result of a prevailing story in one’s mind: change the story and the behavior will change.”

— Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana

Our Leadership and Team Assessments


Awareness into Thriving

We have a suite of surveys and narrative based assessments that dig deep into the foundational building blocks of thriving and the overall perception on thriving within your teams and organization. Depending on your needs, we will collect the data that will help you understand your current stories of thriving while also providing insights into how to change the story in a way that brings about new levels of thriving within your teams and organization.

Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI™)

Awareness into Thinking Preferences

This neuroscience-based assessment focuses on the eight dimensions of thinking. It helps you activate your whole brain for maximum impact, and it helps you communicate more effectively with your team. The new awareness will help you understand how you show up to others and how you might perceive how others are showing up on the team. By building the shared knowledge and vocabulary your team can unleash the full power of the critical and creative problem-solving capabilities on your team.

EQ-I 2.0

Awareness into Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is critical for working effectively on work teams. This is a valid and reliable assessment that measures the way you perceive and express yourself, develop and maintain social relationships and cope with challenges. This assessment creates a window to opportunities for growth. Developing your emotional intelligence can help you flourish personally and professionally.

EQ-I 2.0 360

Leader 360

This assessment includes not only your view of your emotional intelligence but includes the view of your raters (managers, peers, direct reports, friends, and family). These reports are designed to provide valuable insight and opportunities for development as a team leader, supervisor, manager, as well as individual team members. You can explore the difference in perceptions across the raters and how different contexts are influencing your behavior.

    Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI 360)

    Leader and Team 360

    This inventory assesses the participant’s demonstration of 12 key leadership competencies associated with emotional and social intelligence, which have been shown through research to contribute to effective performance at work. You are provided the perspective of self, managers, peers, people you lead and customers/external stakeholders. This is a great assessment to utilize when developing your internal leadership pipelines.

      12 Competencies: emotional self-awareness, emotional self-control, achievement orientation, positive outlook, adaptability, empathy, organizational awareness, influence, coach and mentor, conflict management, inspirational leadership, teamwork

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