Leadership and

Team Development

Why focus on the team level for learning?

“When teams are truly learning, not only are they producing extraordinary results, but the individual members are growing more rapidly than could have occurred otherwise.”

~Peter Senge

Our Leadership and Team Development Solutions

Team Development Experiences

Play to Thrive

We believe play is a critical part of thriving. Our team development experiences utilize play and design-based methodologies to help teams focus on becoming high performing and experience team-well-being. Our experiences include escape rooms, Lego Serious Play, design thinking, and our trademarked Teamstigator™ methods. We work together to create the team development experience that will help your team shift from surviving to thriving.

Business Management Consultant

Team Leadership Development

Lead to Thrive

Leading teams that thrive is critical to any organization’s success; it is no longer just for winning sport’s teams. The environment needed for thriving can be very different than what we think of when it comes to leadership. Our Thriving Teams™ team leadership development programs help leaders create new knowledge and experiences that will help them create the conditions for thriving during uncertainty, ambiguity and change.

Team Coaching

Explore to Thrive

We approach team coaching by integrating coaching, consulting and teaching methodologies. In addition to doing team/leader interventions, we focus on a variety of topics based on our client’s needs:

  • creative problem solving
  • team performance
  • team knowledge sharing
  • team psychological safety
  • team culture transformation
  • cross-functional team collaborations


Learn to Thrive

We know learning is fundamental to thriving and we understand that time is always a constraint. These experiential-based short courses are designed to build self-awareness and skills that will help you refine your leadership, team interpersonal connections, and creativity skills. Topics include:

  • secure attachment on teams
  • team well-being
  • navigating ambiguity and complexity
  • transforming virtual team meetings
  • leading hybrid teams
  • leading with a designer’s mindset

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