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Why is a holistic and systemic-based approach needed for transformation?

“Organizational analyses that show separate boxes for “culture” and “strategy” are making a fundamental conceptual error. Strategy is an integral part of the culture.”

— Edgar Schein

Our Beliefs

Vision First, Culture Always

We support your organizational transformation initiatives through our Vision First, Culture Always­® framework. When these initiatives are rooted in the framework, they can help your organizations thrive during change. A vision without the culture to support it will fail. A positive culture without a clear vision will fail to perform. We help you build a thriving culture that supports the people, processes, performance, strategy, and growth needed to thrive in current and future contexts. By designing for these tensions you shift teams from surviving to thriving as they navigate the uncertain, ambigous, and complex curveballs they will face. It allows you to maintain the attachment security and psychological safety that are foundational for team learning and required for stability to exist throughout the transformation process.

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Our Consulting Approach

We view organizations as systems, and we take a holistic approach to understanding the systems our clients work in and the patterns of behavior it generates. We work with leaders of teams, teams, and organizations to tackle the challenges they face and explore the areas where they are surviving not thriving.

The challenges our clients experience often present themselves as performance, process, or people issues, but we spend the first part of our engagement discovering the root causes behind those issues through narrative and design-based 360’s. Understanding your unique context is critical to the success of our engagements.

Next, we co-design solutions based on our insights from the 360’s. The solutions focus on creating secure and learning-focused environments where individuals and teams can thrive, and organizations can achieve excellence. We navigate the tension between pursuing the vision and having a culture where employees and teams can thrive. Our solutions may include coaching (individual and team), custom-designed learning experiences, strategic learning with experts, culture redesign, change initiatives, etc.

We look at transformation holistically and understand the solution must be systems based. You can’t change one person’s story in the system without influencing another’s. By looking at organizational transformation holistically and systematically allows us to uncover the current story and design the future story for all perspectives.

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