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Teams can thrive in any condition.  Let’s co-design solutions to your biggest challenges.

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Leadership and Team Development

Our series of workshops, programs, coaching engagements, and certifications are designed to support leaders and teams at all levels of your organization.

Leader and Team Assessments

Our variety of assessments help to measure thriving or build awareness and insights that will help speed up your path to thriving.  Assessments include our Thrivealytics survey, EQ-I 2.0, ESCI 360, NBI, and other customized narrative and design based assessments.

Organizational Transformation Consulting

We enjoy designing full cycle solutions for the current challenges impacting your implementation of Vision First, Culture Always­®.  Transformation is continually happening to individuals, teams, and organizations, but you can take research informed and neuroscience influenced steps to positively support your transformation.

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Our approach

We utilize our diverse work experiences, as well as our academic research background to co-tackle the problems our clients face. Building off our belief in the power of designerly ways of thinking, we approach each client engagement from a design and narrative based perspective. We take the time to do the empathy interviews to understand your current story and all the perspectives within your team before exploring and creating potential solutions. We believe there is no one-size fits all approach, so whether you are engaging with us for a workshop, assessment, or consulting engagement- we take the time to make sure it is relevant to your context and needs. If we feel our solutions are not the right solutions for you, we will let you know. If we can’t support your path to thriving, we will help you find someone that will. It is all part of thriving.

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“Play is the highest form of research.”

~Albert Einstein

Industries we serve

We serve a variety of industries but we specialize in technical teams and sales teams.  

Engineering and Architecture



Sales Team

From Our Clients

Strive to Thrive

“Your work with her as she transitioned to an executive role provided her with challenge, support, guidance and coaching. Her experience with your team really helped her transition.”

Executive, Public Health Hospital

“Our time spent with Thriving Teams Institute has helped me understand our team and myself more than ever and I have been able to grow both as an employee, co-worker, and person. Beginning with the idea of defense vs. offense, I give them a lot of credit regarding our slow down to speed up mindset change.  As first, I was very hesitant- all I could see were the roadblocks ahead and how much work needed to be done, but now I feel much more comfortable speaking up, sharing ideas, and ultimately being myself without worrying what consequences/results it could bring.”

Sales Lead, Architecture Firm

“Your work with us is having a great impact on the results we are seeing within the founder team and across the organization.”

CoFounder, Healthcare IT Firm

“I think it’s important to continue the team work with Thriving Teams Institute to do check-ins and ensure we are sticking to the values we’ve created so we can continue to grow as a team. ”

Infrastructure Team Lead

“Because of our work with Thriving Teams Institute I like where we’re at now.  It feels more fluid.  It’s helped me know when and how to encourage everyone and it helped me learn how to better communicate my needs to the team.  I feel like it’s also really given me insight into the team’s “insecurities” about work and where we as a team need to focus after these sessions are done to stay bonded.”

Regional Account Manager, Engineering Staffing Firm

“After our engagement, our overall energy level is good and our leadership team is pointed in a positive direction.”

Executive, Healthcare Technology

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