Learning and Development Outsourcing Partnership

We look at both the strategic Chief Learning Officer view of learning and the tactical team learning experiences to design a holistic approach to making learning a competitive advantage in your organization.


Human Resources Consulting

Our Team Learning Outsourcing Partnership packages differ from most learning and development outsourcing packages, which focus more on training and compliance.  Our focus on team learning, learning in context, and personal development is fundamental to growth.  Training is focused on what should be done or what has been done, whereas Thriving Teams Institute focuses on what could be done and what is best for the particular context you are facing.  We do not ignore what should be done and what has been done, but we create the learning experiences that develop the skills to utilize and adapt an array of knowledge and strategies to match the context they face.  In current times, work changes rapidly, and your learning should have the flexibility to keep you competitive.  By partnering for your team and organizational learning initiatives, we help you maximize your competitive advantage so you can fully live out our framework, Vision First, Culture Always®.