Team and Team Leadership Coaching

Culture is Decided Through Team Interactions

Our coaching process focuses on helping teams and leaders of teams gain awareness and design solutions that work best for their context. We support our leaders in uncovering the path for their own thriving and for their team to thrive.  In our team coaching engagements, we bridge across all the perspectives, so the team can rapidly co-design the path to thriving. 

We offer the following coaching options: 

Team Coaching- Our coaching team coaches your team

Team Leadership Coaching- We coach the leader of the team

On-Demand Team Conflict Coaching- We coach around the current conflict the team is facing

In a workshop we did at the Columbia Coaching Conference, we explored the frontiers of coaching and how team coaching will play a role in the future of organizations.  The sharing across all the participants in the workshop were captured in these sketch notes.  The impact coaching can have at the team level is just beginning to be understood and capitalized on.